DailyCandy, Unusual, Rare, Limited-Edition Food and Wine Gifts: Skip the Two Buck Chuck, October 3, 2011

Tasting Notes

Name: Eatdrink.co

Vintage: 2011

Appellation Contrôlée: The first-of-its-kind online destination with ambitions for being the ultimate space for foodie and wino gifting. No cheap, boring corkscrews or Two Buck Chuckery here. Instead, you’ll soon find limited-edition reprints, fashionable totes, and more.

Structure: Unusual, rare, and fun gifts with hints of leather and notes of currant.

Vintner: Paul Wasserman, who was raised by a legendary wine broker, dreams of a day when gustatory highbrows get their fair share of toys that live up to the expensive Burgundies they can’t stop sipping.

Cuvée: Reprinted limited-edition copies of Bouquet, by G.B. Stern, an entertaining travelogue of boozy proportions, set in France and unpublished since 1933.

Winemaker’s Notes: Although there are only two items currently up for grabs, check back for more.

Nose: Sighs of relief, a general air of refinement.

Complements: Debauchery, beautifully sloshed (“Where did my belt go?”) nights, and a toast.