Hub-UK, The A-Z of French Food - Dictionaire Gastronomique Francais-Anglais, Review written by Hub-UK, January 4, 2012

That was then but these days help is on hand with a neat little pocket book called The A-Z of French Food - Dictionaire Gastronomique Francais-Anglais which comes highly recommended by Hub-UK.

The first descriptive French-English dictionary of gastronomic terms.

Menu decoder and guide to French gastronomy, history and culture, The A-Z of French Food invites you into the world of French art de vivre.

Food & Wine, Words on Wine, November 1, 2011

Paul Wasserman–son of French wine importer Becky–has just launched EatDrink, a company that sells gorgeous reprints of old wine books like 1927's Bouquet (above) by G.B. Stern, which follows a couple's journey through the vineyards of France.

Bottlenotes, A Book For The Ages: Stern’s wine romp, Bonquet, still relevant 85 years later, October 7, 2011

Stern is sassy and poetic. Think a Flapper-era "Sideways" with a dose of "Thelma & Louise." As they visit awe-inspiring chateaux in Provence, the Rhône, Bordeaux, and Burgundy, Stern and her posse ruminate on everything from sexism and the foibles of the French to the timeless debate over which is the more profound wine, Bordeaux or Burgundy. Stern’s thought-provoking prose is as relevant today as it was 85 years ago.

DailyCandy, Unusual, Rare, Limited-Edition Food and Wine Gifts: Skip the Two Buck Chuck, October 3, 2011

Appellation Contrôlée: The first-of-its-kind online destination with ambitions for being the ultimate space for foodie and wino gifting. No cheap, boring corkscrews or Two Buck Chuckery here. Instead, you’ll soon find limited-edition reprints, fashionable totes, and more.

Structure: Unusual, rare, and fun gifts with hints of leather and notes of currant.

The Feiring Line, Bouquet by G.B. Stern! Thank you, September 30, 2011

This book balanced in my palms, like a slab of slate flecked with twinkly mica. The weight felt substantial. It smelled like an animal in the forest. Pulling back a page, I'd realized I'd not had a real book experience in ages. I've become careless with books, viewing them as throwaways, like H&M clothing. I've been guilty of sacrilige. I've marked them up, hard covers too, with pencil, pen even, as if knowing the sufferable truth; modern books are defamable.

Tasting Table, A Grand Cru Bouquet: Read your way through France's great vineyards, August 30, 2011

Buying a bottle of wine for Paul Wasserman would be a daunting task.

Son of the legendary Burgundy broker Becky Wasserman, it's easy to imagine Paul growing up awash in the best grand cru vintages. So if a gift were in order, what would we buy? A corkscrew? A set of wineglass name tags?

Wasserman and business partner Karen Cease are working to expand the world of wine (and food) gifts beyond such limited options with their new L.A.-based company, EatDrink.

EatDrink Will Release Its First Gorgeous Limited-edition Book On Wine: "Bouquet," by G.B. Stern On August 15, 2011, August 1, 2011

Los Angeles, CA (August 2011) – Last printed in 1933, “Bouquet” by G.B. Stern will be re-released on August 15, 2011 in a beautiful limited edition exclusively available for purchase at “Bouquet” will retail for $85.00 before tax and shipping.

StarChefs, Cookbook Review: Bouquet by G.B. Stern by Deanna Dong, April 1, 2011

One of Wine Writer Alice Feiring’s favorite wine books, Bouquet, details the adventures of two wine-loving British couples who traverse across France in the 1920s, visiting vineyards and learning about wine. Author—and participant—G.B. Stern writes with honesty and humor about the memorable vintages and culinary characters encountered as her group moved through Côtes du Rhône, Hermitage, Burgundy, and Bordeaux.