The A-Z of French Food

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By Geneviève de Temmerman and  Didier Chedorge

Published by Scribo Editions


7.5" x 3.5" x .25"

142 pages

ISBN: 978 2-9503317-0-0


About the Book

Are you traveling to France and could use a portable French restaurant menu decoder that will fit in a coat pocket or a purse?  Do you just need a concise dictionary for those French recipes you make at home? The A-Z of French Food is a 4000+ entry, 142 page, lightweight, compilation of French cuisine gastronomy terms translated into English and augmented with explanations and historical anecdotes.

David Leibowitz, pastry chef, author, and a 13 year veteran at Chez Panisse says: “it’s the book that I inevitably reach for first when I have any questions about French dishes, ingredients, or cooking terms, from the normal, to the obscure.” The New York Times called it “the most complete French menu translator available” and Mimi Sheraton said it is a “miracle of concise completeness.”

Whether for yourself or as a gift to a fellow globe trotting foodie, you should get this little gem.

About the Author

Genevieve de Temmerman founded Scribo Editions in 1980 to publish specialized bilingual dictionaries. Scribo’s Gastronomy collection has become the standard bearer for culinary students, food professionals and gourmets. 


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